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Powering String of Christmas Lights Off a K-Line MP-15

I'm looking into adding the Colored Light String product from Evan Designs to an old K-Line MP-15, but for obvious reasons I don't want to use the battery powered option, and would like to power it off the locomotive itself. This old MP-15 (given to me by a friend in a bad state, so I'm looking to repair and spruce it up to give away or donate) has one light in the front with two red wires, and one in the rear with two black wires. Can I simply splice the Christmas light string leads into the wiring for either of those lamps for power? Or is it preferred to tap into the wires directly connected to the roller? And I assume I would need the 9-18 V version of the string lights.

I have searched other threads, mostly this one here, so apologies if this was already addressed, but I did not see a comment that answered the question specific to my splicing for power question. This would be the first time I've touched the internals on a model train, but am okay with splicing and soldering as necessary with the right guidance. Also want to make sure this addition is done in a way that results in safe operation of the unit.

Thank you.


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