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Reply to "Powering String of Christmas Lights Off a K-Line MP-15"

Welp, Project Christmas K-Line MP-15 is pretty much done.


  • E-unit/reverse board replaced. Had to mount it on its side since it was wider than the original.
  • Sound board and ESU-type speaker added. Also had to mount on its side and remove several of the U-shaped plates (weights?) to fit properly. Glued the speaker to the backside of the sound board on its metal bracket, then glued the board's bracket to one of the plates. Still can be removed by removing the plate to service engine.
  • The horn sound is underwhelming and struggles to be heard against track noise, but the bell is pretty strong. Better than the previous condition though, where there were no sound effects at all.
  • Wiring for light string fed through hole in one of the smoke stacks, which I had to drill out. There's enough slack in the wiring to remove the body and service the engine.
  • Had to dremel bits here and there to get the hood to fit back on, and it's still a fairly tight fit.


Overall, a fun project and good learning experience.

top down view 1bSpeaker sideE-unit front side


Images (3)
  • top down view 1b
  • Speaker side
  • E-unit front side
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