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Reply to "Pricing Used Atlas O Track"

@waylessway posted:

Expressing your honest opinion to a potential buyer is very honorable but can cost you.

Being honest pays off in the long run. Doubly so when when dealing with fellow train enthusiasts.

No idea about the overall market. Can only say what I would pay.  BTW, I'm not rich and live on a small fixed income.

If you had 48 pieces of flex track, in "like" new condition, I would offer $10/ea.  Can get them new, when available, for $18 by looking around.

IMO, 50-60% of the new price sounds about right.  Shipping can be a deal breaker due to the weight and bulk.

@Ted S posted:

I consider myself a potential buyer.  I've been frustrated by the on-and-off availability of brand new Atlas track from the retail distribution network.  But before I buy yours or anyone else's, I would like to know more about your reliability issues.  Especially the switches.  Do tell!

I have no direct personal experience, but I know some people who use Atlas track due to the realistic appearance, but they choose to use Ross switches with it.

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