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Reply to "Problem with my dads old train set."

From the pictures, it appears to be a 6-8602 AC motored locomotive with a 2 position e-unit (yes, that cab number and design was carried on through with DC motors and whatnot, but I see all the markers of the original AC type setup). Now, as @Jetsafl stated, mating FasTrack directly to tubular track without the proper transition pieces is asking for trouble. Lionel offers FasTrack transition pieces Now, I don't see those being utilized, but it does appear that you are using the Menards transition pieces:

FYI, Tubular track commonly uses either the Lionel CTC or LTC lockons, but I don't recommend you immediately make this change as what you do have should work:

Also, a track plan such as the one you have pictured can benefit from multiple track connections to the transformer, but again, we are getting ahead of ourselves...

As for the overload condition, which seems to be the principle issue, there are a few things that immediately jump to my mind:

  • Looks like you are using Menards track - at one point, there were some pieces that had poor center rail insulators which would either be consistently shorted out, or intermittently short out. A good close inspection of each piece may be warranted (yes, it is tedious, but got to start somewhere!) to find the one or more pieces in need of repair. If the train is misbehaving in the same area, that can be a clue. You could also start with a small oval, and gradually add pieces over time as the existing pieces prove themselves.
  • The transformer is on the smaller side in terms of power capacity, but it should be able to handle just this locomotive without overloading.
  • The locomotive may be drawing excess current if it hasn't been properly lubricated and serviced causing the overload condition.

There is a lot to take in here, so don't hesitate to ask clarifying questions! Welcome to a great forum with lots of great experienced O gaugers!

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