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Reply to "Proposed Solution to DCS Watchdog in Yard Tracks (DCS-RC WD Gerber Files Added to First Post)"

gunrunnerjohn posted:


We will be using a separate TIU channel for this task, and it'll be used in passive mode.  The yard power comes through a high-current 22uh choke to avoid any issues with crosstalk with the DCS signal on the mainline. 

If the 22uH is to the left of the diagram (off the page) wouldn't the relay capacitor degrade the DCS signal on the selected track?

If I understand the operation, when changing from one track to another, the user must first rotate back to the "OFF" position.  And when selecting the new track, the user must rotate the knob to the desired position within whatever the interval (a few seconds?) during which the TIU sends the watchdog after power up. 

And if lighted passenger cars are on a siding, they will briefly flash as the rotary passes by.

Does the typical individual toggle switch approach present a space issue?

As discussed in the contemporaneous thread about the DCS watchdog using rotary switch for turntable power, in some situations it can make sense to add complexity to make it simple for the end-user.

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