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Reply to "Proposed Solution to DCS Watchdog in Yard Tracks (DCS-RC WD Gerber Files Added to First Post)"

Barry Broskowitz posted:


The DSCRC receiver simply replaces the passive mode TIU channel, without the need for an Aux. Power connection.

If the passive mode TIU channel works, then the DCSRC receiver will work, as well.

Really?  So I can use the DCS remote with the DCSRC?  I'll bet that's news to MTH.

Remember, I'm using the TIU already to provide DCS to the tracks.  The TIU does just a bit more than the DCSRC, which won't work in my scenario.

As far as using the mainline signal in the yard, we've already tried that, and the signal isn't sufficient to offer reliable running.

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