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Reply to "Proposed Solution to DCS Watchdog in Yard Tracks (DCS-RC WD Gerber Files Added to First Post)"


Really?  So I can use the DCS remote with the DCSRC?  I'll bet that's news to MTH.

The two interoperate, connected to the same tracks, absolutely perfectly without any issues at all.

I'm using the TIU already to provide DCS to the tracks.  The TIU does just a bit more than the DCSRC, which won't work in my scenario.

The DCSRC receiver replaces the additional TIU that you're using in your solution, but only to generate a watchdog signal. The mainline TIU (or some other TIU already own the layout) is what would provide the ability to control the engines.

As far as using the mainline signal in the yard, we've already tried that, and the signal isn't sufficient to offer reliable running.

I'd suggest that tweaking the layout a bit to improve the DCS signal distribution could make using the DCSRC receiver and the mainline TIU work just fine as a solution. Regardless, assuming that you're operating in  Super TIU mode, you could use any channel on any TIU that has available extra DCS signal capacity. You don't need much DCS capacity, only enough to handle a single siding at a time.

Regardless, rest assured that there is absolutely no difficulty or operational issue with connecting a DCSRC receiver to the same track as a TIU channel, and even with each operating engines simultaneously. Been there, done that and got the T-shirt.  

Anyways, use my solution or not. I offer it in the spirit of assistance. Good luck whatever direction you choose.

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