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Reply to "Proto Sound 2 5v board repairs"

@Paul Lytle posted:


I am determined to repair them and get them working again.

Do you have and know how to use an oscilloscope?

From what I can see, you did a nice job non-destructively separating the boards which is often the deal-breaker for guys attempting to mess with the PS2 5V board set.  But do you have a method to non-destructively remove the ~50 to ~100 pin surface-mounted digital IC chips of the complexity as found on the PCB?  When my eyesight was better, I used Chip-Quik for this purpose.

I see this as a matter of principle.  If looking at this from a business perspective - say from a tech who repairs train electronics for remuneration - then this is a no-win situation!  But if it is a personal mission in life to be the go-to-guy for what might be THOUSANDS of dead PS2 5V boards sitting in boxes (or the landfill), then hurray for you and let the games begin!  As I see it, the satisfaction of repairing something that has been written off as a lost cause is priceless.

There is some guy or guys on OGR that reverse engineered how sounds are stored in MTH PS2/3 engines.  This allows him/them to replace the stock sounds with whatever one wants.  I don't think any money changed hands and I've got to believe this was more than a weekend project!

One thing's for certain.  OGR is the right place to undertake the journey. 

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