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mike bartel has finished ends. 


do not have item. but do have pix.  much better than original from williams, which was not prototypical


i am sure mike would be happy to supply anyone who needs, desires, wants them.




Thanks, Mikeg! 


IHP also has the following items available for O scalers wishing to model PRR Budd Silverliner MU cars:


Budd Silverliner Ends

Budd Silverliner Roof Details

Budd Silverliner Stepwells



The ends are intended for kitbashers and are optimised for O31 type carbodies and dimensions.  (Originally, the Williams plastic passenger car roofs were to be used in modeling these cars with scratchbuilt sides, so they are made to the width of the Williams cars.)


You can order direct from IHP's website, and we will soon have them on our eBay store as well.


IHP is preparing to dump resin casting as our primary means of model production, so the Metroliner ends will only be available for a short time this year only.   If anyone requires other O scale parts for these models, you may contact us about CAD design and 3D printing of parts for them.  We may be able to produce them as custom projects for your modeling.




Mike Bartel


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