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Hi all,


Budd Silverliner MU commuter car, PRR version (smaller end windows). Guess it was inevitable that we try this! We'll officially re-enter O scale if you all like the results of this effort. 

Body shell available

And the stepwells for it, available separately


Before anyone balks at the price, it's 3D printing a BIG shell for a small market for it, and is actually done in one of the less expensive processes.  WSF is used mainly because it can print objects as large as this (21.25" body length between buffers). 

If people like this body shell, we'll upload the underbody for it, and perhaps do the Reading version as well.  Oh yes, roof details for the Budd cars are already available elsewhere on the Shapeways page as well.

Hope this will help some of you in your O scale electric commuter modeling.  If it does well, we'll do other MU types.


Mike Bartel IHP

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