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Originally posted by PRR Man:
So whatever happened to the group that was going to have a CAD guy do all of these in kit form and RTR form?

that group would be us... the Cherry Valley Model RR Club. if enough people want it, we'll see about having it produced.

someone tell me to start a thread asking for commitments and we'll see who ponys up... with a deposit.

I think we need at least 50 cars, but I'll ask Drew who is leading the project.

Start the thread, and please be specific about exactly what you are offering.

Namely RTR or kit, including all parts , both for 2 rail scale and 3 rail hi-rail. Without exact information, it will be difficult to get anyone, including myself to advance funds.

Are you going for both Silverliners and Metroliners, or just one or the other?

As I posted in the beginning of this thread, OK Engines probably could provide a scale body for either set of cars.

As a disclaimer I have no stock or options in OK Engines. They simply make a prototypically accurate shell. DO NOT buy anything except the shell if you are going to produce either model.

I am not trying to be negative, just pointing out the need to be very specific. It resolves problems before they occur.

Oh for a spell checker on the Forum.
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