Reply to "PRR Silverliners and Metroliners"

I used MictoMark mold materials with less than desirable results, partly because I had never done anything like this before And the unusual shape, namely end and three sides.

I ran out of material and have ordered more and will try in different configuration.

Williams replied this time, namely not going to happen. No more ends in parts.

I did notice the Lionel end of car model had a very good model of Metroliner end and contacted parts and received a strange reply, namely

"Here in the service department we don't sell any finished goods. There are several dealer who will break sets up. Check with C.P. Trains out of Crownpoint IN, and then there is They might be able to assist you."

I will try contacting dealers as suggested but honestly doubt any dealer will dissasemble a product and sell me a part of a car.

The reason for pursuing this part if it fits is I will not have to figure out how to fill in extra window.

Stranger and stranger.

FWIW the video you posted did help markedly in explaining some of ways to CORRECTLY make a 2 part mold. Thank you

Contacted CPTrains and they expressed wonder that parts at Lionel referrs questions to them since they are not even a service center. Strange

Anyone have any idea how to get a straight answer from Lionel for a straight question. If not perhaps buying complete car is only answer, If so who has it

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