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O Scale Budd PRR Silverliner Body Kit from IHP


A while back we posted the availability of an O scale version of the Budd Silverliner body shell.  Now, we have a complete body kit for the Silverliner available!


The 3D-printed body kit is available from our Shapeways store and consists of a body shell (PRR version), underframe (with yaw dampers and bolsters), underbody details, stepwells, and roof details.  We're working on truck frames (also to be 3D-printed) that will allow nonpowered cars to be built.  You'll need 33" wheelsets and pantographs to complete the models.  


See the Shapeways parts through the IHP website


These are full-length Silverliner models for the 2-rail O scale modelers.  We plan a Reading version of the body in the future, as well as the earlier Pioneer III (Silverliner I) cars from 1958 for the PRR.  




Mike Bartel



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