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PS-1 stuck in Reset

I have a premier BL-2 diesel with "Proto Sound" that seems stuck in Reset.  The box is marked MT-2132LP.  I purchased this used, ran it without issue conventionally using a Z500 transformer and have always kept the battery up.  I have searched and read previous posts and the MTH website.

It powers up with 2 bells and engine idle sounds.  I let it sit moments to minutes and when I press the direction button (or cycle power off/on) the bell rings twice, the engine sound stops and the pump sound continues.  When I cut power there is 1 bell ring, sounds stop, then the "fart" sound.  The transformer powers on at 4.5 V, I've done resets, and initially power up around 5 volts.

I've searched and read the previous related topics, and MTH website but find nothing that helps.

I had the same issue in January and took it to a repair tech who found nothing wrong.  I don't know if or what I did then but it began working fine.  I ran it a few times then boxed it up.  Today I got it out to replace the battery with a BCR so now it wont move.




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