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Reply to "PS-1 stuck in Reset"

Video shows using the power control and then the direction button.  The recording has a tapping sound that I can't hear live even with my ear next to the locomotive.

im not sure why you’re starving it at the very first notch on the Z-controller like that... PS1 needs at least 8v to start up properly and should be brought all the way up to about 16v briefly on power up. I wait until the start up sound finishes, then throttle back down from 16v to about 8v (a little after 12 o clock on a Z-Controller). As you roll back toward 8v you’ll  hear an engine let off sound like this “shhhwaaaaaaaaashhh” (and if you repeat that cycle over and over you’ll be scrolling through resets). But with every start up I bring it up quickly to at least 8v and then up to 16v and then back down to about 8v. Then I hit DIR or throttle off and up again within a second and it unlocks.

keeping the throttle where you have it around 9-10 o clock is about 3-5v. That’s STARVING her and probably not allowing that old early generation PS1 board to unlock properly.

Gen 1 PS1: 1994-1995 doesn’t care what power you use or how you cycle

Gen 2 PS1: 1995-1996 normally needs pure power to unlock from reset, period. (Z-4000, or postwar power)

Gen 3 PS1: 1996-1997 (deselect era) will work properly on the Z-controller or TIU chopped wave, starting at at least 8v

Gen 4 (final) PS1: 1997-2000 will work properly on the Z-controller or TIU chopped wave, starting at at least 8v

*OP - try turning your throttle up to 3 o clock on start up - wait till engine start up sounds play out and then roll it back down to off and back up again, or roll it down to 12 o clock and hit DIR. see what happens.

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