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Reply to "PS3 upgrade information."

There is a jumper connection, so you could easily add your own switch or just use the jumper.  G


Here is a picture comparison on a MTH Premier FF-2.  PS-2 5V to PS-2 3V to PS-32. 


The PS-2 5 and 3V had a variety of ways to be mounted.  The PS-32 will have less, so some fits will be tougher as I mentioned in an earlier post.


More flexibility with sound files though and the latest flash code has the stm/diesel/electric/articulate and Quillable Whistle file.  Trolley and electric pantographs will require a separate flash, as will a few other unique engines I believe.




Images (6)
  • IMG_0483: Origional 5V board
  • IMG_0484: Shell height issue
  • IMG_0485: PS-2 3V right side up
  • IMG_0486: PS-2 3V upside down
  • IMG_0487: PS-2 3V to PS-32 comparision.
  • IMG_0488: PS-32
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