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Reply to "PS3 upgrade information."

Originally Posted by David Minarik:
Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:

GGG, just curious but does the board have to located in the boiler or was it just an option and that's where you decided to put it? Thanks for the info and pictures. 


The board can be located anywhere.  George stated that he was replacing a 5vPS2 board which was probably originally located in the boiler.




"Probably" Well was it in the boiler or not?


I'm sorry I didn't recall what George stated. There hasn't been any postings on this thread in almost 3 weeks. I didn't have time to re-read the entire thread.


So are most 5vPS2 boards located in the boiler? I haven't done an upgrade in along time and I've only done 4. None of the locomotives I did had the boards in the boiler.

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