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putting traction tires on a link coupler steam loco

Hello everyone.

Does anyone have a good technique for putting traction tires on old American Flyer steam locos?

I have been slowly upgrading my link coupler steam locos so that they will run longer and more reliably on club layouts and pull long trains. So far, I have:

-installed can motors

-installed electronic reverse units or modified and locked the standard ones

-put brass axle bushings in the sintered iron side frames on knuckle coupler cars

-converted link locos and cars to knuckle couplers for reliable running over the rough track work that my club has

-used some ficus products trucks (with mixed success)

But the thing I would really like to do is put traction tires, AKA Pull-Mor Power on the loco's rear drivers.

There is one eBay vendor who sells traction bands and a tube of super glue. Those work for a few minutes and then fall off.

I'm thinking that machining a groove in the wheel for a traction tire might make the rim too thin.

I tried putting on a Pull-Mor wheel from a later loco, but my talent/skill at getting a wheel on straight and quartered is sadly lacking. Plus, there are not that many good wheels available.

So... does anyone have a technique that they have actually done and it worked??

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