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Reply to "putting traction tires on a link coupler steam loco"

@Rayin"S" posted:

Just wondering if you might've looked at Portlines, Doug has tires bands that you can add, I have put these on a Gilbert Hudson and used Goo from Walthers to secure them. You want to let the locomotive rest upside down overnight after mounting the bands. Seems to me they had various sizes, I'll try them on one of my diesel engines.


Hi Ray

I bought some traction bands from another vendor and they came with Superglue. They lasted about ten minutes. I considered putting another set on with the new version of Gorilla glue and may still do so.

I bought some of the new rims and insulators from a vendor at York a few years back, but have not installed them.

One of the difficulties I have is installing wheels and getting them quartered properly. I have an LBR installation and quartering tool, but it is incomplete and has no instructions. The owner of LBR sent me some replacements, but the mail delivery service is overloaded and they never came.

So this loco has two problems: The front drivers are quartered incorrectly and there are no traction aids of any kind. Additionally, since it is a smoke-in-boiler loco, there is precious little room to add weight. I do not like to add weight inside the top of the boiler as that makes the loco less stable at speed, especially on a curve. The track work at the club layout is marginal at best.

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