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Reply to "Quality craft wood caboose kit at&sf windows"


Thanks for the offer.  I am kind of stuck at this point, as I have been looking for arch bar trucks for this project and also a NP caboose I have been working on with plans to mod them for 3 rail.  I have not been able to locate a reasonable price set of them.

I order some athern 2 rail trucks off the bay and when they arrived this week, I was really disappointed as they are just junk.  I was hoping for $20-25 a set for some older not as detailed arch bar trucks that I could swap wheels out for. No luck so far.

I am may be stuck with my 3 rail atlas caboose trucks, unless I get lucky and find something at the up coming Mid America train show coming up in a few weeks.

If you are planning on starting your kit any time soon, be ware of the plan set as I also found that the platforms  as drawn for each end of the caboose are not represented as the same size (length), where the coupla end platform is longer.  I didn’t expect that and would have done things differently if I knew.

Progress over the last week using the evenings has been good.



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