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Reply to "Quality craft wood caboose kit at&sf windows"

I am just now realizing that arch bar trucks come in different size wheel bases, why?  Is this for a logging operation vs a larger mainline railroad?

There were many different versions of archbar trucks; different years and weight capacities, and different applications.

Looking again at the arch bar trucks I got from athern, they seemed tiny initially, especially when next to the 3 rail caboose trucks from atlas.

The 3 rail caboose trucks from atlas are probably a much more modern arch bar and quite probably oversize, too

The athern measure out to 5’ center axle to center axle, is that the right size for Atsf caboose mentioned above and a NP 24’ wood caboose or should I be looking for a larger truck?  When under the caboose they look tiny to me ( truck on the right) , but maybe that is my 3 rail roots influencing me?  

Probably just that - those roots..... 

The plastic athern trucks have no bearings on them just plastic, besides the added drag, can one actually wear out one of the these trucks over the years?

They are Delrin and will outlast much of humanity.  Drag?  Put metal wheelsets in them and drag is next to zero. Delrin is not quite teflon, but it's seriously slippery stuff.

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