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Reply to ""Quantum Leaps," i.e., Your Favorite Shortcuts..."

Gosh Jim,

I recently went from zero to a pretty nice 9.5 ft x 5 ft layout in just a matter of a few weeks, in O gauge, with no layout plans.  The table is built, the track is laid, the wiring is done, and two trains are running.  The only thing I am doing now is installing eight  different power attachments to the track, so that I can have eight separate power blocks, and I am in the process over the next two days of running all of those wires under my table to my currently open-topped control panel.   When I get the two MTH power distribution strips I ordered  a few days ago, and the fiber track pins,  all of that will get done in a matter of hours.  There are several separate routes that the trains can travel.

Now, for total honesty:
1.    I have not yet put the cork underneath the tracks.  I want all of the track fully screwed down, wired, and thoroughly  tested for hours first, and then I will just unscrew a few sections at a time, lay the cork bed down, and screw them back on top.

2.  I did not build any trainyard.  I think they can be really beautiful in large layouts, but they take up large amounts of board space, use a large number of switches, and of course they assume that you like running your trains backwards.  I don't.   I use side tracks to park my trains, separately blocked with ingress and egress switches.

3.   FINALLY, THE BIGGIE:  At this point, my layout board is just painted in a flat green.  I have not put in any landscaping.  Personally, I think that there are really no shortcuts to creating really great and realistic scenery.  I don't have the patience or talent for it, so I am just going to use some sprinkled grasses and soils from Woodland Scenics.   I also have access to a small  trainshop, that buys used stuff at shows, and they have lots of fully assembled O and HO gauge buildings from old layouts, custom painted, that look great, and cost about 1/2 of the price of a new kit for the building.   So, I am going to pick out several, and put them down.

Do I have a scenically beautiful and fully realistic looking layout?  No.  But, I like watching my trains run.   Little figurines, automobiles, and the tiny details that go with them just don't interest me that much, though I do appreciate the beauty of the layouts where people have spent 100s of hours properly incorporating these.

Don't know if this helps.


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