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Nick12DMC posted:

I converted a Darstaed A4 Mallard to TMCC. As my son asked Santa for a Lionel Mallard.

It was relatively straightforward after some help from Guns, Jon Z. and the Forum.

The loco has a DC motor so was converted to a ERR Cruise Commander which fitted in the tender. Use Guns top tip of a MTH tether for the wiring between the tender and loco.

I added Railsounds small engine sound board and speaker in the tender with a reed switch and magnet on a tender wheel for the chuff. You could use Guns chuff generator. 

The Darstead front lights were fine when powered via the Cruise Commander board. I added a Lionel fan driven smoke unit controlled by Guns Super Chuffer.

The Darstaed Fire box glow bulb was replaced with a direct screw in 24v LED bulb normally used in industrial control panels.

To complete the Set, Mason has a set of Darstaed Thompson teak coaches. The LEDs in these worked perfectly on 18VAC and required no modification. However I disconnected the table lamps in the dining car as these did not like AC. A bridge rectifier would sort this but I’ve not gotten round to that yet.


P.S. Both the Loco and Coaches were from the Station Master Rooms but again don’t tell anyone 




Very impressive.  Especially liked the smoke unit - what kind is it and how did you mount it?  Do you have any pictures from doing the install?

Also amazed that someone in the UK would have managed to get Menards buildings.

Now all that's needed is to get voices with the proper accent.  

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