Reply to "Question about power for new ACE trains"

Thanks very much. Here’s a pic from the install.


It’s a Lionel fan driven smoke unit. I can’t remember the part number off the top of my head. The bracket is from a Lionel Hudson cut down with a angle grinder.  

I tried using a Lionmaster Big Boy smoke stack adaptor for the twin blast pipes on the Mallard but there just wasn’t the space. I ended up using flexible silicone hose to direct the smoke.

The smoke unit works great when coupled with Guns Super Chuffer.

I would love 3rd rail/ERR to do a Railsounds board that was user downloadable using DCC soundsets then it would be dead easy to have the correct sounds. Never going to happen though.

The Menards buildings I was able to get shipped to a address in Florida when we were on Holiday. Well my Wife calls it a Holiday...I call it a supply run

I’m off on a trip at the end of March and we are doing Route 66 so hope to visit a Menards (ship to store) and pick up a couple more buildings.



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