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Questions About Setting up a Common Wire Terminal Block

I am preparing to rewire my power set up in preparation for the new Base 3. The plan I had was to phase the three transformers on my layout that control 6 tracks (ZWL, ZW, CW80 2021 ver) and then wire the common wires to terminal block.  From that block I was going to run common wires to each of my track.  The hot wires will all run straight from the transformer posts to the tracks as normal.  This is a diagram of what I was thinking of doing.

I have 2 questions:

1. With the terminal block bringing all the common wires together do I still need wires running directly between each of the 3 phased transformers common posts?

2. With the Base 3, I was going to run the wire to the terminal block but for the ZWL do I also need to run a wire from the Base 3 to the command base post on the back of the ZWL? (orange in the attached diagram)

Common Diagram


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