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Reply to "Questions on S Scale"

Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:



The other thing I didn't like about S scale was the track. If you go with scale track then you need the wheels with the smaller flanges. Many locomotives are not made with the smaller flanges thus making a small selection even smaller.


If S scale was cheap like HO then maybe if finances got really bad I might be forced into it but even HO is not cheap anymore.


Ah well, the dilemma continues. I sincerely hope that S scale does grow.

Woah there, pardner...


The HiRail side of S has a much better selection than the scale side.


Admittedly, the one and only current brass manufacturer, River Raisin, doesn't offer HiRail wheeled steam, Lionel/Flyer, AM and the former S Helper Service do, (and I assume MTH will eventually.)


Lionel HiRail offerings were a USRA Light 2-8-2, 4-6-2, UP 4-6-6-4 and N&W 2-8-8-2 (OK and the oversized UP 4-8-8-4.)  There is also the re-released Gilbert bast UP FEF-1 4-8-4.  Scale wheeled steam is not an option at this time from Lionel, except for an after-market conversion on the 2-8-8-2.


S-Helper offered their B&O 2-8-0 with Hirail or scale wheels.


American Models offers a USRA Heavy 4-6-2, Streamlined PRR K4 4-6-2, NYC Empire State Express 4-6-4 and Santa Fe 2900 Class 4-8-4 with either Hirail or scale wheels.


I freely admit S scale isn't for everyone and the selection, availablility and pricing may seem daunting, but there's been a surprising amount of stuff made over the past decade.  Unfortunately, it can be somewhat of a "treasure hunt" to located some items.


S is at a crossroads right now, we're all eagerly waiting to see how Lionel continues with the expansion of the American Flyer brand and how MTH is going to reboot the former S-Helper Service line.


Plus, the LCCA is hinting at some S offerings.


Even if you don't choose to be in S, stay tuned.  Things are getting interesting!



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