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A tad harsh, perhaps....
The L-AF Big Boy was never intended as a scale piece, but rather to be a conversion of an existing K-Line piece providing an articulated steamer for those with Gilbert and hi-rail layouts equipped with TMCC. Many had petitioned K-Line to do precisely this. Parked next to a Gilbert No. 283 or 312AC or the typical stock AM die-cast steamer, it looks quite respectable.
If you ever have the opportunity run a BB with Legacy, you might note that the sounds are truly robust, smoke is prodigious, and the Odyssey II cruise mates with Cab-1 and Cab-2 control better than the more recent offerings from Lionel. In short, it provides a visceral impact akin to the 'real thing' most S scale engines do not. BB's can put on a good show for the public on modular layouts.
A great model it is not, however. The new Y3a is far better in that department. The L-AF BB represents what train collectors call a transition piece. But, the numerous Tuveson mods correct several shortcomings (modifying existing product is a time-honored tradition in S) and make the BB a satisfying loco to operate on Flyer/hi-rail layouts that collectively still constitute the majority in S gauge. Heck, so modified, it will even back dependably through curved Gilbert turnouts.
Have fun.
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 The Big Boy was a total joke, it belongs in the scrap metal pile.



Rusty Rustermier

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