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Reply to "Questions on S Scale"

Originally Posted by Rustermier:

Lionels Big Boy:


     If you don't care that it is too short, and too tall. About 10 feet too short and 2 foot foot too tall.

  It started life as a "O" gauge model then went through several iterations and was acquired by Lionel. it is NOT "S".


   Lionel pulled the opposite long ago with the 027...... "S" gauge models on "O" gauge track????? That made it very easy for some of us. Toss the couplers and the trucks. Kadee's and scale trucks and your off and running.


     I have no proof other than total rumor but I was informed that Lionel has every intention of redoing the Big Boy into a respectable S gauge size model.


    My understanding was the K line Big Boy was a quick total sell out.


      I do know that it isn't even a stand in for the scale guys where the Lionel Challenger and Y-3 are supurb, so are the new diesels.


  Yes, there are scale guys that will buy the new Lionel along with some of the older AF for conversion purposes. All of the older Gilbert that I've converted over the years at least started life very close to scale, very close. The couplers I tossed along with the trucks. I grind  a lot of the details off and added brass parts and a new paint job. (I never heard of a real railroad named, American Flyer).


  I no longer cut up AF passenger and make them scale length. I have too many Flyer collectors here that would have the big one if I did that, besides, they keep me supplied with all sorts of older scale stuff from the 50's.







I think you'll find the Flyonel Large Lad was more of a "trial balloon" to see if there was a market for new big Flyer steam. It was an experiment and an opportunity for Lionel to introduce something new with a minimal investment.


Yeah, us scale guys wouldn't and didn't buy it, but others did.  So, if nothing else, it succeeded on that count. 


Personally, I feel that if you stand back about 20 feet, turn around and close your eyes, it looks pretty good.


But, there are folks out there that are happy with the Large Lad.  However, I notice you never see any photos of it next to a Challenger...


While Lionel's going to have to balance there production between "traditional" Flyer and the new scale stuff, I think they're on the right track now.  I agree we may see a new scale proportioned Flyer Big Boy in the future. If Lionel doesn't do it, MTH probably will.


Lionel is looking to add value to the American Flyer Line, if they weren't they wouldn't have bothered adding DCC compatibility, Kadee brackets, scale wheels on some products and the new pilot mounting.


Admittedly baby steps, but Lionel could have not bothered.


We'll get a better idea of what's going to happen with Flyer (and MTH) in a couple of weeks.


(The other) Rusty

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