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Reply to "Questions on S Scale"

Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:

One new question guys and I won't bother you guys anymore!


If buy a new Lionel boxcar or some other company's rolling stock with the bear claw (I gather from what I've read above I won't have this problem with SHS) will it have the KD mounting pad on it so putting KDs on it are easy like MTH does with their scale rolling stock? Or will be like what Lionel does with their scale rolling stock and not have any type of pad at all and the user has to fabricate something to put on KD couplers?


It's not that I am against doing this type of work, usually I can do it but it just isn't fun to me. I can understand why it wasn't done back in the day but for Lionel to still be selling scale rolling stock at the prices they charge and not give the user the option and benefit of a KD coupler pad is IMHO a real kick in the pants.

Phil, keep on asking those questions, we're glad to answer them if we can.  (Besides, we like to show off how smart we are!)


S Scale America and the former SHS are drilled to accept the Kadee 805.  They also include scale wheelsets.  (MTH may change that and have a separate stock number for scale wheel cars.  We don't know yet.)


The Flyer compatible coupler on SHS and SSA is on a talgo arm going back to the bolster.  Unscrew the truck, remove the coupler, mount the Kadee on the pad, install the included spacer on the bolster, remount the truck.


American Models stocks and sells Scale and HiRail cars and locomotives separately, but they have a similar set up on their HiRail freight cars.  The older cars are set up for the #5 HO coupler, so it's up to the user to drill for the 805.  The 805 wasn't out when AM started up.  There is no spacer for the AM cars, the HiRail versions just ride a tad higher because of the compatible coupler arm.


Currently. AM scale wheeled cars have their dummy "snap lock" coupler installed.  Scale wheeled locomotives usually have a package of Kadee 805's thrown in. 


Lionel's method is unknown until the cylindrical hopper comes out.  The catalog description is a little confusing on how they're going to be set up.  I've heard rumblings that there will be a Kadee mounting pad, but nothing official.  Stay tuned...


It's also somewhat unclear if scale wheels will be included or available separately with the new scale detailed freight cars.  The U33C's were originally supposed to have scale wheels included, but Lionel changed their mind on that.  There is a bracket and screws included for mouting 805's on the U33C's, however.


Any suitable taditional Flyer has a sheet metal or plastic frame with trucks rivited on and no provisions for mounting a Kadee.



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