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AM steam runs pretty smoothly and you can get decent slow speed response out of them.  They all have a Flyer-like piston and smoke unit, which I'll admit is toylike, but there's a switch to turn off the smoke and the whole thing comes out easily.


The drives are bullet-proof.  There is a little noise amplified somewhat by the resonance of the boiler, but nothing I find objectionable.  We ran a Pacific at an open house for 6 hours straight with no problems.


The USRA Pacifc is a very basic locomotive with solid performance and was AM's first steam locomotive.  It doesn't take much to improve their looks.  Each succesive steam locomotive became better detailed, although as I mentioned earlier, most of the detail is cast in.


I can post some pictures of a reworked Pacific tonight, but here's a picture of the Northern, also slightly reworked with an MV lens, graphite paint, numberboard decals and crew figures:


Ready to Roll


There's also a little pixel magic with the sky...  This appeared on the cover of the NASG Dispatch a year or two ago.




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