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Reply to "Questions on S Scale"

Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:

Rusty, once again thanks for the information. Do the AM steamers have a flywheel? In other words can one install PS 3.0 in them? I realize PS 3.0 kits are not available yet but I'm sure they will be someday.


If no flywheel will HO decoders handle the amperage of S scale?

Yep, AM steam has Flywheels, so do the diesels, as did the SHS loco's.


The few decoders I've installed in AM and SHS diesels are the Jenz JST Gold decoders (1 amp) and they seem to do fine.  Haven't lost one yet. 


The decoder I installed in my test AM Pacific is an MRC "Brilliance" steam decorder (rated at 1.5amps if I recall correctly) that I blew out the headlight circuts on, due to my own inexperience at the time.


I know some guys have installed the HO Tsunami's in the AM Northern.  I kinda plan to do that one of these years.



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