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Reply to "Questions on S Scale"

Well, Phil, I'll admit the secondary market is a bit slim, my usual exposure is the Fall S Fest held in Milwaukee, Chicago, Rockford-Beloit and St. Louis on a rotating basis, usually in November.


There's also the Spring S Spree held in Ohio and the various NASG Conventions.


I think the Central New Jersey folks also hold an annual event.


All these events are open to everyone, no memebership required.


Lionel also made a very nice USRA light Pacific and Mikado, along with the recent Challenger and the soon to be released Y3a.  Admittedly, these are all deep flange and AC/TMCC or Legacy. 


We keep plugging away for scale flanges and DCC steam on the new Flyer, hopefully we might get it one day.  It was a major surprise to us that Lionel's doing scale flanged diesels with the U33C and SD70.  Plus DCC compatibility for the diesels is in the works.  I think Lionel's waiting to see how well both the DCC and scale wheel diesels are accepted by the scale crowd before commiting to steam.


Some of the boys on the S Scale Yahoo board have been rather critical about Lionel's recent offerings.  It's usually a pretty good group over there but there are a couple of boisterous uber-modelers over there that refuse to accept today's reality.  And yeah, the format is clumsy compared to here.  But my evil twin sticks around over there anyways.



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