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Reply to "Questions on S Scale"

Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:

OK, Rusty I understand now. Has Lionel actually come out and said that a TMCC/DCC decoder is in the future?


There has been no "official" announcement.  There was some discussion back in March:


"I have a question for the folks here on this thread... I am toying with a DCC decoder (derived from a design I created 8 years ago!) as a swap for our TMCC radio board.  If successful, a one board swap out without any wiring changes would allow DCC support with our current motor, smoke, and light controller; and also link to the RailSounds system.  Would folks be willing to purchase the "DCC adapter" to plug and play upgrade locos such as the SD-70, Y3, U33?  Figure costs at $50/board for evaluation of the concept.  No promises, just exploratory feedback - as I may run into some technical issues in the current board set that prevent this concept from working out...




CTO, Lionel LLC"

The entire discussion appeared in this thread, as is usual around here, the start of the thread has little to do with responses further down:


I haven't heard anything to indicate that DCC's been abandoned.



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