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Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:

Rusty, one last question: If you were just starting a S scale layout today (not AF) what code rail would you choose?

My preference would be code 100 rail, which is what I have currently.  But to be brutally honest, if I were to tear it down and start over I would probably go with AM's code 148 rail and go the HiRail route. 


I have a bunch of AM & SHS stuff that is HiRail, plus some of the Lionel/Flyer Mikados and Pacific's. 


As I've discovered looking at some of the layouts on the 3-rail side, given a proper environment, even the "bear claw" couplers begin to "disappear."  Here's a couple on images of mine from 2001 when I used to modulate.  The CHASM modules are HiRail on AM track.  I apologize for the relatively poor quality, the old Sony Mavica just can't match today's cameras.  All the equipment is HiRail.











When I was showing videos taken of this stuff from this show to a serious HO friend, he didn't notice it was HiRail.




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