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Reply to "Questions on S Scale"

Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:


As to making turnouts on the FT jig, I used a small belt sander to rough in the taper on the rails and finished them off in the FT filing fixture.  I made 20 of the turnouts and got to a point where I eyeballed the taper on the frog and closure rails instead of using the jig. 




Jerry, awesome idea! When you say "on the rails" exactly which rails do you mean? The point rails?


Hi Phil,


I should have been more careful as to which rails.  You're correct in that it was the point rails that i was referring to.  Both they and the frog are inserted in a filing fixture that FT sells.  With larger code track, using a file is a long tedious process, but if you use a small belt sander to SLOWLY remove metal, and then insert the rail into the fixture, it won't take nearly as long.  However, after a few turnouts, I was able to taper both the frog and the point rails close enough so as not to have to use the fixture. 


Also, before coming out with their new track, Lionel usually used their K-Line derived tubular track in their catalogs for illustration purposes.  However, their illustrations were sometimes heavily modified by photo editing.  Their new track is very close to the size of SHS track, and a couple of very creative guys on the S lists have found ways to make them compatible.  I think the Lionel track measures out to be close to .135".  Not exactly sure right now. 


Jack - I would have written to you off line, but you don't have an email address in you profile. At least I couldn't find one.  Anyway, mine is there, but I was hesitant to put it in the message.  But what the heck, it's <>. 



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