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Reply to "Questions on S Scale"

Originally Posted by Hudson J1e:

Well, I hope if anyone else who reads this thread also gains some knowledge from it.


Rusty, I am just curious, not that it is a big deal but that guy who hit you over the head and dragged you to S scale meets is he still in S scale? I assume you are still friends. If I had a friend in S scale like that it might push me over the edge. The fact is none of my friends are into O 2R. Most all of my friends are 3 railers and a few are into HO. The few 2 railers I know live far away. So going it alone doesn't bother me. One time Pete Krumier told me that model railroading is a solitary hobby and it really is true. My other question is:Ever have any regrets with S scale?


I was just reading the December 2007 issue of The Dispatch. On page 21 there is a great photo of the Lionel Alton Limited. The steam engine looks great even with the pizza cutter wheels. I was wondering what type of track it is on? Looks like it might be Gargraves. Actually after thinking about it, it may be that code 148 track you showed me earlier.


My next question is, I was looking at the track picture you posted and what is the code rail for Lionel track? Is it shaped like real railroad rail or is it like O gauge fast track?

Yes, the friend is still in S, he had Flyer as a kid, I had Lionel.  We met when we belonged to a local HO club and discovered we lived about a mile apart, so we started carpooling to the club, then hobby shop excursions.  Little did I know what I was in for!


Regrets, I've had a few... 


Well, not really, but I do a little rubber-gauging. I've got a little of everything.  If something in another scale catches my eye, I'll buy it.  I'm waiting on the Kato N scale "Silver Streak Zephyr" right now because of my interest with the Burlington, plus the fact that I think the E5 is one of the neatest locomotives in the world. 


There have been times when I entertained going back to HO, but I like S much more, in spite of the limitations.


I don't have the Dispatch issue handy, it's around here somewhere, so I can't answer that question, but the Lionel pizza cutters will run fine on both AM and SHS track.  But I can offer an image of it posed on code 100 track:

 C&A 121408 03

This is one of the reasons I hope Lionel has success with scale wheeled diesels and freight cars and branches out into scale wheeled steam.  Baby steps...


With regards to FasTrak vs. S-Trax, I did a couple of posts a while ago which can best explain my observations, but they are 100% operationally compatible with slight modification.


First impression:


Joining the two:




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  • C&A 121408 03
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