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Reply to "Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum πŸš‚ Welcome: Pictures YOU have taken! This is a new thread."

The Grandchildren at β€œThe Lost Railway Museum” Grass Lake, Michigan.

May 6, 2021 β€’ β€’ The train crew in front of old #47 β€’β€’ The boys watching a train movie β€’β€’ Baby checking the view out of a passenger car window β€’β€’ Baby got home and wants her own mask.

1 Lost RR Museum copy2 Lost RR Museum copy3 Lost RR Museum4 Baby wants a mask copy

Every model railroader started out rail-fanning!

Hope to see you out rail-fanning: Gary πŸš‚


Images (4)
  • 1 Lost RR Museum copy
  • 2 Lost RR Museum copy
  • 3 Lost RR Museum
  • 4 Baby wants a mask copy
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