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Reply to "Rail-fanning on The OGR Forum πŸš‚ Welcome: Pictures YOU have taken! This is a new thread."

@Pingman posted:

@trainroomgary suggestion:

Place your photo captions BEFORE the photo, not AFTER.  Doing so allows the reader to scroll down to read the caption and be prepared for and better understand the photo.  When the caption follows the photo, I look at the photo and I'm not sure what it is I'm seeing; i.e., I have no info about the photo to understand its context when it precedes the caption.

Hi Carl: Thanks for the suggestion but I will have to take a pass. The caption or what we call a cut line always goes below the photo. I was able to make money in photojournalism for over 40 years and still involved.

Free Press From Page

I subscribe to the Detroit Free Press and this is what they’re front page looks like. There are five photos on the front page and all the captions are below the photo. Every page follows this layout design.(View from my iPhone using the FP App)

AP Cutkines procedures

This is from Associated Press. The caption goes below the photo. Sometimes it may be in a photo block to the left or right of the photos. Showing several photos for one story.

Hope this helps and look forward to seeing your rail-fanning photos. Gary πŸš‚


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  • Free Press From Page
  • AP Cutkines procedures
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