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Railfanning at Locust Grove, GA (8.9.22)

More trainspotting throughout Georgia, this time in Norfolk Southern country at Locust Grove.  Another small town with a dedicated train spotting platform.  After only seeing and filming live CSX, FEC, and Amtrak where I reside in South Florida, it was a nice break to see different flags.

Had to come to Locust Grove twice.  Stopped here on Monday evening on the way to relatives in Atlanta and saw no activity in 90 minutes before the CEO said time to go.  So I came back again (solo) on Tuesday morning with much better luck.

Tripods (you see mine in one of the photos) are a beautiful thing with long freight trains .  No way I could keep my hand steady for some of these long freights.  The train at the 12:38 mark of the video was a monster 198-unit consist with 5 Norfolk Southern locos up front and a Union Pacific loco in the middle (consist location #132) for good measure.

And some photos:




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