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Reply to "Railking 2-8-0 Throwing Traction Tires"

@MELGAR posted:

Some questions that may help:

1) Are you sure you've got the correct size traction tires? What size are they? (MTH number)

Yes, I ordered the DE-0000023 traction tires MTH recommends for a Railking Consolidation 2-8-0.

2) Is the traction tire coming off the same wheel every time or different wheels?

Coming off same wheel

3) Was the tire stretched excessively during installation?  No

4) Is the tire fully into the wheel groove so that the engine doesn't wobble as it runs?


5) Is a piece of the old traction tire left in the wheel groove?


6) How many cars is the engine pulling? Run engine alone at first.

5 or 6 cars

7) Apply throttle slowly so wheels do not spin.

8) Are both motors running at the same speed? Do the worm gears need lubricant?

I've been running MTH locomotives for 23 years and have never needed or used glue to secure a traction tire. Shouldn't be necessary.


Melgar, maybe MTH did send me DE-0000023 traction tires, will check and see.

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