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Thanks John/TRW for your responses.

This is Lionel 6-28273 CSX - Cab 3329.  It is from an Intermodal Set.  I bought the engine a few months ago (not the set) brand new in the box.  Circa 2007.  Sorry, I don't have the set #.

It worked well briefly and very shortly thereafter, the radio board went and I replaced it.  All was fine except I lost some sounds.  Two for sure are the Brake release sounds when I use my Legacy controller to change direction and brake squeal is also gone.  Runs and sounds great otherwise.  I can live with this .....I am just curious as to why this happened. ?   I've included pics as requested (the CS markings on the chips are mine).  I did pull the chips (with chip puller) and reseated but to no avail.  Early Legacy 5.5.  I replaced the smoke resistor with an 8 ohm one.  It also has that annoying issue of the smoke unit not shutting off when the engine is shut down....common as I understand it to this era of early Legacy units.

I did do a full reset, code AUX 1 - 2, also to no avail.

This unit is road specific and the boards are not available from Lionel.  Be happy to buy a used one or another SD 40-2 board....road specific not necessary if anyone might have one.

Thanks Dave




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