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Reply to "Randall Hudson Standard Gauge"

Hello all ..thank you for your kind words ... I'm very fortunate to have the Randall .... and it's sister .

Last year at Trainfest ..(come on out this year in November  and enjoy train heaven with huge layouts) ... SGMA ...had a fine layout thanks to Bob Nelson and friends ....   I ran the Randall built by Bob Hendrichs...pulling Randall cars  .... please see link


So Bob what do you think about double heading the two Randalls ?..would that site be enough to get you to drive into the frozen tundra again ?  ........I'll experiment with the two on my tiny loop see if they like each other ....


Bob Henderich also built up a set of Randall castings into a Berkshire ... (only one) . 


Cheers Carey






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