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Greg Nagy posted:
WftTrains posted:

Pittsburgh Railways 4300-series double-end “Jones low-floor” car.  This is the same type of car that I am operating in my avatar photo taken at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in 2014. Can anyone identify the location of this photo?  Hint: it's running on the 59 Homeville route.




     I want to say that's It is coming off of Ravine St onto 8th Avenue. Now I want a slice of De Sallas pizza!


You got it – the Munhall Junction!  And DeSalla’s Pizza at the Junction was the best around.  It was the very first pizza I ever tasted.  But they probably weren’t there yet when this picture was taken.  The streetcars are long gone but DeSalla’s is still in business.  Can’t wait to eat a few slices on our trip “home” for the TCA Convention in June.

And attached is a photo of the restored model at the Pennsylvania Trolley Museum in “Little Washington”.



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