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Reply to "Random Photos of Trolley Cars"

LIRR Steamer posted:
Bobby Ogage posted:

Trolley & interurban cars of New York.

Coney Island Trolley

Car at Coney Island. I had my 1st roller coaster ride on the Cyclone.


Jamestown Street Railway

fjg125Fonda Johnstown & Gloversville 129 was built by Brill in 1932fjg2527578408133_0010004937_bfjg125a

Nice pics Bobby. The First pic is on Surf Avenue in Coney Island. The car was the last two man car built for the B&QT. They came before the 8000 series Peter Witts. Its in the pre board of transport colors , thinking late 1930s. And the Cyclone in the background. The trolley is gone more than 70 years but the Cyclone still runs in Coney Island. Believe it is the oldest wood coaster in the country. 

More like tied for 9th oldest as of 2015. I don't know the status of a few of the older ones, but at least some are still running. The Cyclone was built in 1927. Leap the Dips in Altoona, PA was built in 1904. Heck, in the year 1927, Kennywood Park was building its 8th coaster, 3 of which are still in operation. Cyclone is a youngin.

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