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Reply to "Random Photos of Trolley Cars"

Diverging Clear posted:

Don't know the ID of the car at the moment, but, the writing at the bottom of the photo says, Ohio Railway Museum, Worthington, Ohio. I did a search of images and found it's Cincinnati & Lake Erie car 119.


I did the same while Rusty was doing his lookup.  Here's the link to the roster: http://www.columbusrailroads.c...s/orm/orm-roster.pdf

It's from 1915 and was acquired in 1953. In addition to Cincinnati and Lake Erie, the car ran on the Cedar Rapids and Iowa ? City (can't read my own handwriting :-) Railway.  

Tomlinson Run Railway

P.S. Is that a phone box on the pole in the background?  Looks like the old box style.

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