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WowakT-1 003

I rode the renowned Iron Horse Rambles and Reading passenger trains, so the Reading is #1 for me as well. I rode RDC's to Valley Forge to watch the final stop of the Bicentennial Wagon Train in 1976. Good times, good times . . .

This Lionel Reading T-1 (6-18006; 1989) has been custom painted and detailed as #2124 by Reading Steam Guru and Wowak. J.D.S. Limited Productions installed a fan-driven smoke unit and (as long as he was in there) and LED headlight.

In gratitude to our Webmaster, I'll add photos I took when I rode an excursion with 765 from Steamtown to East Stroudsburg. East Stroudsburg Tower was open for us. Volunteers explained how those 33 tall manual levers aligned switches, signals and locks. When 765 returned from a wye south of town, I was standing in the right spot to frame her between windows of the tower.765EaStrouds 003

She was moving slowly. I aimed through the open window below and got a "rods down" pose.765EaStrouds 004

East Stroudsburg Tower and 765 side by side. The short gate by the sidewalk is operated from the tower.

765EaStrouds 005











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