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Rebuilding In S

The Great Plywood Glacier 2.0 is s-l-o-w-l-y taking shape.  For the past three months I've been poking at assembling my benchwork kit, in-between other activities.  At 6'x12' it's smaller than my old railroad's 12'x18'.

99% of the new benchwork is up.  I'm leaving out the last 2'x2' section for for now for access to inside of the doughnut.  After all, it's easier to walk in than to crawl in...

Bench 112821 [1)

The plywood's not attached yet, I'm debating if I want to attach it from the top or the underside.  However, in true model railroader type fashion, one can't leave plywood bare.  It's the law.    So, I put down some of my S-Trax to reacquaint myself with track planning.  Right now curves are R24 and the S-Trax turnouts are the newer versions with the moving frog rail.  (The compressor is an attempt to straighten out a warp in the corner sheet.)

Bench 112921 [1)

I tested some of my scale equipment and they don't seem to like the point rails for the diverging route, so it looks like I'll be HiRailing it for the time being.  I've got a fair amount of HiRail stuff gathering dust needing exercise anyway.  I'll also have to excavate my TMCC/DCS contraption.

Bench 112921 [3)

The long term plan is to kick around some track ideas until Fox Valley restocks.  Then, of course I have to deal with changes in geometry...  I remember reading somewhere that model railroading is fun.  Isn't it though?



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