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Rebuild 2.0.

Another adventure...  The MTH R29's (excuse me R30's...) fit together very poorly.  These must have been some of the last to leave the MTH factory, I never had trouble with my earlier MTH straights or any of my SHS track.

Closer examination revealed the rails were on average 1-2mm too long for the molded roadbed on all 12 sections preventing the track from locking together.  I chucked my Dremel in a vice and ground down the ends and they fit together much better now.

Anyhow, moving up from R24 to R30 required some track reconfiguration.  I didn't want to hack up a bunch for custom lengths in case I ever want to resell the track once Fox Valley track becomes available again.

So, my passing siding got a little convoluted, but it'll do for now.  I may throw in another siding on the open end, just for grins:

GPG 120921 [1)GPG 120921 [3)

I can successfully run scale stuff as long as I don't go down the diverging routes.  But, R30 is 3" less radius than I had on the old railroad, so that eliminates some of my scale equipment from running here.

I'll probably dig out some of my old buildings over the next few weeks for the lived in look.  Right now I can run DC and DCC.  I also have to dig out myZ1000 and TMCC/DCS rig so I can exercise some of my long ignored stuff.



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  • GPG 120921 (3)
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