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Rebuild 2.1

Got some more ambition and reconfigured the track again.  I wanted to get rid of the goofy R24 s-curve and make the track arrangement less clumsy.

GPG 121021 [1)

Now, the arrangement looks more like the previously mentioned Wingate plan, adapted to my available space.

GPG 121621 [3)

As the narrow track gauge on the diverging point rails prevents me from running scale at the moment, I dug out by two early version (non-toggle points) SHS turnouts to make a small yard.

GPG 121621 [4)

This helps me get a better feel for what my final vision is tuning out to be.  Of course, assuming I can get Fox Valley track in the future, all the track geometry goes out the window, but I'll be able to get a more prototypical look.

I also plan on digging out some of my structures to get better feel for how thing will work out scenery-wise.

But for now, it's time to run some trains.

GPG 121621 [6)



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  • GPG 121021 (1)
  • GPG 121621 (3)
  • GPG 121621 (4)
  • GPG 121621 (6)
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