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Reply to "Redford Theatre Christmas Trains 2021"

Thanks!  This would have been the 10th one I've done had it not been for our unexpected season off last year.

Further progress since it's too late to turn back now... once the details start to fill in, I can't cover the layout up any longer as I normally do while it is in progress and we need to bring it to a point of completion to at least make it presentable during our shows. That said, we nearly finished everything up last night. It will be shown for the first time for the movie being shown this Friday evening with a week to spare before our first Christmas movies hit the screen. I'll be spending most of my day off on Friday doing final cleanup work such as tidying up/covering some wires, installing the table skirting, unpacking and testing the trains and perhaps wiring in a couple more lighted accessories. Overall though, I'd say it's turning out to be the best one yet!



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